XVIII Symposium

About us

The Symposium of Mexican Studies and Students in the UK is a space for scientific and academic dissemination intended for students, researchers, research centres and companies interested in the scientific, technological and multidisciplinary development of Mexico and Latin America. This year, the symposium will be hosted by the University of Nottingham. Our main theme is 'Synergy, the Link to the Future'. The Oxford dictionary defines the word “synergy” as the collaboration of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. The organising committee decided to use this word to highlight the importance of the interaction between the disciplines. We are stronger together and our knowledge works better when we share it, discuss it, integrate it and apply it. Therefore, we think that indeed, working together (in synergy) is the right path to a better future.


Alan Vega Pasos

Buildings, Energy and Environment Research Group

Andrea Garduño Jiménez

Environmental Engineering with Food Water Waste Research Group

Carlos A. Gómez Moreno

Manufacturing Engineering

Carlos A. Osorio Sandoval

Centre for Structural Engineering and Informatics

Cristina Ferro Barbosa

Manufacturing Engineering

Francisco González

Business School

Gisela Reyes Cruz

Human Computer Interaction

Jesús Molinar Díaz

Materials Engineering and Materials Design

Jorge A. Llamas Orozco

Sustainable Energy Technologies

Gustavo Berumen Salazar

Human and Computer Interaction

Paulyna G. Magaña Gómez

Molecular Therapeutics and Formulation Research Group

Mariana Gaytán

School of Psychology

Michael Basford

Reliable Wireless Communications for Intra-Vehicular Networks

Ulises Hernández

Faculty of Engineering Associate

Yarely Aguilar Pérez

Buildings, Energy and Environment Research Group

External Organisers

Lidia Ángeles García González

Mexican Cultural Centre (MCC)

Eduardo Estala Rojas

Mexican Cultural Centre (MCC)

Filo de la Llata

Coapa & Co

Christian Chávez López

UNAM, México